Concrete Leveling - Concrete Raising - Mudjacking


Cracks and gaps in concrete are more than just an eyesore. Water can get into the joints, freeze and then expand, making the cracks even larger. Cracks in concrete can appear in driveways, patios, sidewalks, and even around the foundation of your home.

There are many things that can cause cracks in these areas, including root growth and weather conditions; perhaps the most common cause of cracked concrete is standing water. When water does not drain properly, the water works down between a weakened section and creates a crack.

Structural Issues
Structurally, water can get into the joints, freeze, then expand, making the cracks even larger. Gaps against a house can direct water toward the foundation, resulting in a damp and unhealthy basement.

Damp Basement?
Cracked Patios and driveways are the two biggest culprits contributing to a damp basement. Before embarking on an expensive waterproofing project, an economical approach to reducing the problem is caulking. This is a reasonable first step that could save thousands of dollars.

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